Materials and Outcomes

Workshop Proposal

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Talk 1 – Miltos Kyriakidis (Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland) – The Role of Operators in Safety Perception of AV Deployment – Insights from a Large European Survey // Jump to talk

Talk 2 – Vidya Sundar (University of New Hampshire) – Experiences from Working with People with Impairments and their Mobility Needs // Jump to talk

Talk 3 – Carolina Diaz-Piedra (University of Granada Spain) – Driving and People with Neurological Disabilities // Jump to talk

Talk 4 – Alexander Mirnig (University of Salzburg Austria) – Available and Potential Solutions for Increasing AV Accessibility to Different End-Users // Jump to talk

Talk 5 – Henrik Detjen (Univ. of Appl. Sciences Ruhr West / Univ. of Duisburg-Essen) – Digitization and Automation of Mobility – A Chance for Diversity and Inclusion?

Research Roadmap

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