Shedule and Tools

Session I (90min), Thursday, Sept 09, 11:20 – 12:50 UTC

For the first session, we plan to put a spotlight on the non-average users from assisted living facilities and sheltered workshops through initial talks of the organizers (3x 10min talks + 5min discussion, followed by a short break for 10min).
People in assisted living facilities and shelter workshops have a variety of impairments that are a barrier for them to participate in standard transportation designed for the average. We will also solicit contributions of experiences from other contexts - these contributions will also be given room for presentation (max. 6 presentation slots of 5min).
Participants are encouraged to submit a position paper beforehand.
The rest of the first session will be used for discussions, to develop a research agenda, and organizational purposes.

Session II (90min), Friday, Sept 10, 17:20 - 18:50 UTC

The second session will be used for group activities in order to work on the research agenda, gathering first design solutions.
Therefore, subgroups will be built to analyze the situation from different viewpoints. Some example questions which will be addressed: Who are the relevant stakeholders? What are relevant disabilities (physical and cognitive), and what are their special needs for mobility? Which barriers exist currently and in future (automated) mobility scenarios? What aids and auxiliary devices exist, and where can future research help to improve the situation? Are there potential conflicts between special needs of different disabilities? Are there potential conflicts between special needs and the goals of automated mobility? What are the opportunities of automated mobility for people with disabilities, and what is required to leverage potentials?


We will use the tool Miro as a virtual Whiteboard to protocol important discussion points and gather questions.

Further, we will set up a Slack channel to connect participants during/between/after the workshop sessions.

The link to the tools will be sent to participants during the conference.