Goals and Topics

With our workshop, we plan to facilitate an exchange on how we can make future mobility design more equitable, i.e., more inclusive and accessible. Therefore, we will bring together researchers and practitioners of the AutoUI community and beyond, with different backgrounds in both the design of in-vehicle interfaces and in supporting people with disabilities. We plan to gather ideas and practices on how to collaboratively design an equitable future for the use of automated vehicles by people with disabilities.
Overall, we aim at…

  1. A reflection and discussion of inclusive mobility
  2. Developing a common research agenda that fosters possible collaborations between participants
  3. Gathering first design solutions in an interactive session

The workshop addresses both concrete requirements for user interfaces and demands for the whole customer journey in a mobility scenario.


We invite you to participate at the 1st Workshop on the Design of Inclusive and Accessible Future Mobility at the AutoUI ’21 – partly held together with the 3rd Workshop on Internationalization vs Localization (see Schedule). If you are interested, we are happy to welcome you in September 🙂

To register for the workshop, you have use the conference system of AutoUI ’21.